Class Details

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  • Ruang bermain dan kelas ber-AC
  • Kelompok A dan kelompok B mendapatkan pengalaman bermain yang sama
  • Staf pengajar yang berpengalaman dan penuh cinta kasih kepada anak

  • Ruang bermain yang nyaman dan menarik bagi anak untuk berkreasi dan beraktualisasi
  • Peralatan dan perlengkapan untuk pengembangan kreatifitas anak
  • Playground yang aman dan nyaman untuk mengembangkan motorik anak
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Drawing & Painting

Drawing and painting play a crucials role in the creatives development of children, and they are often integrated into educationals curricula to foster holistic learnings experiences. These artistics activities not only stimulated a child’s imagination but also enhance their cognitive, motor, and emotional skills.
By engagings in the process of creating visual art, childrens learn to the express themselves, problem-solve, and observed the world around them with a heightened sense of curiosity. Moreover, the integration of drawing and painting in educational settings promotes a well-rounded approach.

Work Process

Early childhood education is a crucial foundation for lifelong learning.Our curriculum is designed to the stimulate cognitive development, creativity, and a love for learnings. We integrate play-based learning to make education enjoyable for the more life and more your little kids engaging for your child.
Crafting the destiny of our children is a profound’s and multifaceted responsibility that the involve shaping their characters, providing them with the opportunities, and guiding them towards the futures filled with purpose and fulfillments. Parents, educatored, and society as the whole plays pivotal roles in this process. Here are some key aspects to consider when it comes to crafting the destiny of our children:

Frequently Asked Question

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